To start the claim process, simply call our toll-free number, or submit the form. There will always be someone here to answer your call or respond to your email – day or night, even on the weekends. We understand that taking the first step can be the hardest part, so you shouldn’t have to wait on us for a response.

Step 1. – Initial Phone Call

Your initial phone call with our office will take approximately 10-15 minutes. During this call, we will ask you questions about your, or a loved one’s diagnosis or injury. If you don’t know all the details – it’s ok! If we can help, we’ll work to find the information we need to pursue a claim on your behalf for FREE.

Step 2. – We Make House Calls

There is no reason for a person with a serious diagnosis or injury to ever leave their home to pursue a claim. That’s why, if necessary, we’ll travel to you to review your claim in person. During this visit, we will help gather all the information we’ll need to file a claim.

Step 3. – Putting Us to Work.

Our extensive experience with asbestos claims, pharmaceutical claims, dangerous product claims, toxic exposure claims, and personal injury claims enables us to identify the relevant facts surrounding your diagnosis or injury, and begin building your case.

Step 4. – Receiving Your Compensation.

Our team of attorneys works to get you and your family the money you deserve as quickly as possible. Depending on the circumstances, some cases can be fast-tracked to get those affected the money they need for things like medical bills, treatments, and lost wages.